About us

Family owned, passion driven.

Who we are

Founded in 1993, we are family-owned ASL Limited and its Travel Agency located in the center of Veli Losinj, Losinj Island, Croatia, always craving for client-tailored experience and excellence. Sharing our endless care and love for our island with the tourists and our clients is what makes that possible.

Wide range of activities, listening to everyone.

What we do

We promote and present Losinj island through local products and services, souvenirs, excursions, events, and natural & cultural heritage. Top-notch in terms of finding inspiring & comfortable accommodation that best suits your needs. Initiated and produced numerous exciting, innovative experiences and even launched several local community trends, it is simply integral part of how we do it.

Every project is unique.

How we do it

Never-ending joy, passion & fun, completely devoted to every single client, like there are no others. Every member of our skillful and experienced team of four has a different superpower. Combined, we feel powerful enough to professionally respond to any specific challenge while nurturing our core values: reliability, flexibility, innovation and custom approach.

Not like in movies. Better.

Dolphin Watching Losinj

All you beautiful people who are in search of a great vacation: out of the numerous events the Island of Losinj has to offer, the adventure of hanging out with dolphins in their natural, free & unobstructed habitat will provide you with unforgettably pleasant moments, get you to meet some fine people and take along with you some nice memories. Have fun!